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When is the last time, if ever, your Lender had just as much experience in real estate as it did in lending? 

Welcome to the Peak Team, a lending Company built by investors for investors.  The collective Peak team has a long history in real estate investment.  The Management Team at Peak has owned and operated hundreds of real estate investment propeties, an asset-based lending company, a self directed IRA mortgage bank, construction company, and even a property management company. So, when it was decided to start Peak Asset Lending, the founding members had a lifetime of experience to draw upon.

At Peak Asset Lending, we believe in mutual success built on morals. Most Lenders approach loan applications and underwriting on the basis of “what’s best for the bank”. At Peak Asset Lending, we have a different mindset.  We use our collective Team knowledge and experience, along with our Borrower’s local expertise to develop loan terms to meet everybody’s objectives.  With this approach we maximize success for all.  Unfortunately, it also means that we have to “pass” on some loan opportunities.  Passing on loan opportunities is not a judgement on the merits of the deal, but a kind way of Peak reflecting its morals.  That being said, this policy has given Peak Asset Lending a less than 1% default rate on our loans, which is lower than most banks.  We feel this statistic is proof of success for all.

Some other key differences:

  • Humility.  The Principals at Peak started from scratch and have touched every rung of the ladder climbing to success.  That rings true for the other team members we’ve brought on board, too.  Collectively, we feel that our experience (and mistakes) should be to your benefit.  We are humble in our service, knowing that our role is to support your success.
  • We think like investors, not banks. Our success is due to your success, and that means the world to us.
  • We understand that the last thing you need is a lender who inexperienced with SDIRA’s or is difficult to work with. We’re nimble and efficient to ensure your success.

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